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We’re Different.

And if you know our family, you will totally agree.

And if you’ve eaten with us, you will know.

Rocky River Springs Fish House is still family owned and operated, as it was back in 1968 when it  opened.  Kermit & Noreta Efird (son-in-law & daughter) and Vaughn & Annie Belle Swaringen originally opened the Fish House back in the summer of 1968.  Today, Noreta comes in almost every day to share her invaluable experience and to help keep the business running. Noreta’s brother Don and his wife Diane have been involved in the business since 1970.  Don oversees the entire kitchen operation, which make him responsible for everything between dish-washing and cooking.  Diane manages the service staff and area, and on rare and desperate occasions, can still wait on tables.  Stan is Kermit & Noreta’s son.  He rejoined the business in 2005 and customers are still trying to figure out exactly what he does???

What makes this restaurant different is that it is not a franchise or chain being managed by someone whose number one concern is collecting a pay check.  It is owned and managed by a family who has not forgotten why we are still in business.  It’s all about taking care YOU, our customer.  If you did not have a good experience, we want you to tell us and give us a chance to fix it.  If you had a good experience with us, we want you to tell your friends and family!  There’s not a lot of drive-by traffic in Aquadale NC (aren’t you surprised by that), so we have to give our customers a reason to eat with us.  What the family discovered back in the 60’s still applies to us today— Serve great food and offer great service for a reasonable price . . . And appreciate your customer!

Come get some thick ones in Aquadale.  We believe we are worth the trip!